Shipping-port services

Stevedoring company

Consignaciones Toro y Betolaza SA operates as a Stevedoring company at the ports of Bilbao, Pasajes, Gijón, Avilés and Lisbon. Our shipping business includes the handling of containers, conventional loads, design loads and solid bulk.

Our know-how, experience, staff and highly specialised resources mean we can offer the best service at the best quality for handling any kind of cargo.

Shipping agents

As shipping agents, we cover all kinds of vessels and cargo, acting as main and/or protection agents. Our main aim is to defend the ship-owner/charterer’s interests in operations during the vessel’s call at our ports.

We are exclusive agents of Finnlines at the port of Bilbao, see schedules here.

We are in close contact with the port authority, harbourmaster’s office, customs, border police and support service providers (i.e. supply of provisions, fuel, appointment of experts) to guarantee a quality service for the vessels and their crews before and during their call at the port.

Customs agents

We offer our customers a wealth of experience and know-how in customs affairs and effectively process procedures related to Community and international trade. We have areas at the port for the various legal forms of customs depot.

Comprehensive logistics

We have a division specialising in supply chain management for industrial and commercial sectors.

We work in line with our customers’ businesses, listening to them, understanding the situation and adapting to their problems to offer effective logistic solutions.

Forwarding agents

We offer a customised service by road, rail, air and sea, including intermodal services and haulage logistics.

We have regular lines of consolidated haulage across the world as part of a door-to-door system. We have modern warehouses, vehicle fleet and all the necessary technical resources, including various B2B platforms that report to our customers in real time.

The forwarding agent business offers ideal cover for storage, distribution and logistic problems, as well as for customs dispatch for imports and exports for goods of all kinds and value, temporary imports and any other customs formalities.

Freight charters

Consignaciones Toro y Betolaza has highly specialised staff with a wealth of experience for all kinds of worldwide cargo freight policies.

Thanks to our experience, we have a wide range of ship-owners to ensure permanent availability of the most competitive vessels and freight charters for full and partial cargos, including special projects and heavy cargo.

IT consultancy service

All our production applications are created by in-house employees to guarantee that each application adapts perfectly to our customers’ requirements and those of our company.

The applications are created with latest-generation software, such as .Net and Crystal Reports.

To control the goods we process, we use barcode technology and RFID technology with handheld and forklift scanners.

“Our know-how, experience, staff and highly specialised resources mean we can offer the best service at the best quality for any kind of cargo”

“Our strategic location, with road and rail connections to Atlantic Europe and the rest of the world, turn our terminals into reference distribution centres.”