Design and engineering

We have a team of in-house engineers in Spain with more than 10 years’ experience in projects for international markets. We also have in-house technicians in different countries to offer engineering design services that adapt to each geographical location.


Depending on project specifications, we can perform manufacturing processes in Spain and abroad. We control 100% of the process to meet our engineers’ design specifications.

Comprehensive logistics

Grupo Toro y Betolaza, to which we belong, also has its own shipping company, as well as its own facilities at the port of Bilbao. Our logistic operations are backed by 50 years’ experience in the field.


We have in-house installation teams in various countries, with experience in more than 100 projects. This is one of our unique advantages, since our customers have technical support from when the project begins to when it ends.

Walls, fences and accessories

Tobesa offers its customers a comprehensive selection of market options for their warehouse enclosures, consisting of a wide range of solutions for roofs and frontages. It aims to ensure the specific weathertightness and insulation required in each case and, at the same time, to provide each building with its own personality thanks to the wide variety of options with the different finishes.

“We provide services that range from architecture, engineering, manufacturing and logistics to turnkey projects for industry and trade.”